Silences Decibels Significantly
..........By Design

SDS can manufacture these panels in a range of absorbent thickness ranging from 12mm to 100mm. As a rule of thumb the lower the frequency of the sound the thicker the absorbent needs to be. We find using a 50mm depth is an excellent compromise on price v reduction. Bespoke panel sizes can be specified, but since 100% coverage is not essential, it makes sense to use our standard sizes which are 2000mmx1000mm - 1500mmx1000mm - 1000mmx1000mm - 1000mmx500mm.

Often 25% wall coverage is perfectly adequate, harmonics can sometimes be solved by placing panels into the corners of rooms.

We also manufacture portable screens  and blankets to hang from walls or place around noisy machinery to create a haven.

SDS Acoustic Wall Panels

Another delivery leaves the factory to solve a noise abatement order